Sarah K Peck - How To Say NO

Episode Summary

Saying no isn’t always easy - but it’s often necessary. That is true both at work and in personal relationships. Join Kamie as she speaks with Sarah K Peck on how to say no to someone without feeling bad about it. Sarah will help you with strategies on how to say no nicely. Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

Here are the things to expect in the episode:

About Sarah:

Sarah Peck is the Founder and CEO of Startup Parent, a company and virtual community that connects parents who want to reimagine and build a new future of work. In 2016, she founded Startup Parent while pregnant working at a venture-backed tech startup. While there, she had to figure out, build, and negotiate taking leave while giving birth and parenting at a startup. To gain insight and support, she began interviewing women entrepreneurs on The Startup Parent Podcast, now an award winning show that features business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders telling honest stories about working and parenting.

Since then, Startup Parent has doubled in revenue year over year, published 175+ shows, and has expanded to offer books and community for working parents. Every year, she gathers business leaders and entrepreneurs together in the Wise Women's Council, nine-month leadership incubator for professional women navigating career and family at the same time. She believes all new mothers deserve an honorary MBA, and that working parents have leadership skills and insights that can transform the way we work and live that's better for everyone.

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