Samantha Foote - Regulating Emotions through Rhythms and Melodies

Episode Summary

Emotions aren't bad; they are a natural part of being human. It's completely normal to experience various emotions throughout our lives. Sometimes, adults have difficulty controlling these feelings, so imagine how challenging it can be for a child! Join Kamie as she speaks with Samantha Foote about managing different emotions using rhythms and melodies. There's something truly enchanting about how music influences people's emotions and well-being! Stay tuned!

Episode Notes

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About Samantha:

Samantha is a neurodivergent board-certified music therapist, and the host of Every Brain is Different Podcast. She is a Positive Discipline Parent Educator and a registered Music Together teacher. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University and completed her Master of Music with a specialization in Music Therapy degree from Colorado State University. She is a Neurological Music Therapy Fellow and a Dialectical Behavior Therapy-informed Music Therapist.


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