Rebecca Urban - "From 7 Kids to a Home for Hope: A Mom, Birth Doula, and Support for Young Pregnant Women"

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Pregnancy is a joyous but challenging journey for women! Unfortunately, some pregnant women don't always get the support they need from loved ones or healthcare providers during this crucial time! Join Kamie as she speaks with Rebecca Urban about birth doula. Rebecca will help us understand the importance of birth doulas and how they contribute to a positive and successful birthing experience for expectant mothers! Stay tuned!

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About Rebecca:

Rebecca Urban is the mother of 7 children, a successful entrepreneur, and currently serves as the Executive Director of Visitation House in Worcester, Massachusetts (a non-profit maternity home for expectant mothers and their babies). Rebecca began teaching childbirth classes out of her living room "just for fun" after the birth of her first child in 2007.

Her classes quickly grew in popularity, eventually leading Rebecca to become a certified Birth Doula. In 2010, she founded Urban Arrivals, one of the first Doula agencies in the Greater Boston area. Rebecca has attended over 300 births and is a sought-after speaker on a wide array of topics related to maternal/child health. After the success of her business, Urban Arrivals, her husband selflessly gave up his career to stay home with their children so that Rebecca could continue to pursue her passion for helping moms and babies.

Today, Rebecca serves as the Executive Director for Visitation House, a nonprofit maternity home located in Worcester, Massachusetts, serving homeless mothers and their babies.


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