Ann Peck - The Adoptee Journey

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While some adoptees know the details of their beginnings, many don't - even the basic information about themselves! Join Kamie as she speaks with Ann Peck about the challenges adopted children face that most people might not want to discuss. This episode will equip you with knowledge and understanding of what emotions adoptees may experience. Stay tuned!

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About Ann:

Ann Peck is an award-winning author, independent journalist, and an adoptee. Her bylines include Entrepreneur Magazine—Business Insider—Greenwich Time—Stamford Advocate— Connecticut Post— and many more.

She is the creator and instructor at the Adoptee Writer’s Experience, where she works with adoptees interested in writing their adoption stories, either for themselves or publication. She offers online and in-person writing intensives, classes, individual coaching, and a membership community for female-identifying adoptees.

Ann is the author of three books, including the best-selling, Smiling on the Outside: Secrets, Sex, Shame and the Search for Self-Love, which won six national and international awards in relationships, women’s issues, and sexuality and was reviewed by Publishers Weekly.

Ann is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the Women’s National Book Association, and is a member and an ambassador for the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. When she’s not traveling, Ann enjoys her time at home on the shores of a lake in Minnesota. Business or marketing topic to give actionable strategies/tips for listeners: Seriously no idea what to call it (yet), but I can have it firmed up by the time we connect. ... something along the lines of finding a problem and solving it... the problem I saw was this: The adoptee’s voice and experiences are often missing, exploited, or inaccurately portrayed by the media.

I wanted to change that, so here are the steps I took: (I will have the steps I outlined and strategies I implemented and I will be able to present it in a way that others can adapt for their own business) I want to promote Adoptee Writer’s Experience in all it’s forms: the membership community, classes, and my research on the topic. Depending on when you’ll be airing this episode, I may be able to offer a special to your listeners — we can discuss timing and availability.

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