Alexandra Watkins - How to Create Brand Names With Buzz

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Choosing the right name for your business is vital for its success. Names have a significant influence - they can help build a positive image or hold back your business's growth! Join Kamie as she speaks with Alexandra Watkins about how to create brand names with buzz. Alexandra's expertise sheds light on the importance of investing thought and creativity into the naming process, emphasizing that the right name can be a powerful asset in the journey toward business success! Stay tuned!

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About Alexandra:

If you have ever eaten a Wendy’s Baconator, you have literally eaten the words of today's guest, brand-name expert Alexandra Watkins. She is the Chief Executive Boss Lady and outspoken founder of Eat My Words, the only branding firm that specializes in creating brand names that make people smile instead of scratch their heads. Clients including Amazon, Google, Twitter, Disney, Coca-Cola, and countless small businesses have tapped her to come up with creative and engaging names that move people and move products.


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Check out Alexandra Watkins’ book, Hello, My Name Is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick, on Amazon!


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